British Wildlife Photography Awards Celebrate the Beauty of Nature

The British Wildlife Photography Awards is an annual competition that showcases the breathtaking biodiversity found in Britain. This prestigious event draws photographers from all over the country, each hoping to capture a unique glimpse into the wildlife that surrounds them. With over 14,000 submissions, only a select few photographs were chosen as winners in their respective categories.

One captivating photo features a pheasant, cloaked in the frosty morning air of Wales, winning the hearts of the judges in the “11 and Under” category. Meanwhile, a stunning image of a Roe deer amidst the English woods claimed the top spot in the “12-14 years” category. These young photographers have truly demonstrated their skill and passion for capturing the natural world.

Another winning photograph showcases a coot, elegantly taking flight from a pond in Surrey. The image’s striking composition and powerful narrative made it the standout winner of the Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. Equally mesmerizing is the silhouette of a red squirrel that earned recognition as the runner-up in the “Black & White” category. Each photograph tells a story, capturing the unique behaviors and habitats of British wildlife.

The competition also highlighted the awe-inspiring beauty of plants and landscapes. A kaleidoscope of seaweed thriving beneath the surface of a rock pool took second place in the “Botanical Britain” category, while a mystical shot of Badbury Clump, surrounded by beech trees and bluebells, captivated the judges in the “Wild Woods” category.

Additionally, the competition paid homage to the intricate relationships between animals and their environments. An exquisite image of common blue butterflies dancing in a field in Devon earned the top spot in the “Hidden Britain” category, showcasing the delicate balance of nature.

Overall, the British Wildlife Photography Awards celebrate the remarkable beauty and diversity of Britain’s wildlife. Through the lenses of talented photographers, we are granted a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world that surrounds us. These captivating images remind us of the need to protect and preserve these precious ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.


1. What is the British Wildlife Photography Awards?
The British Wildlife Photography Awards is an annual competition that showcases the biodiversity found in Britain through stunning wildlife photographs.

2. How many submissions were received for the competition?
Over 14,000 submissions were received for the competition.

3. How are the winners selected?
The winners are selected by judges based on their skills in capturing unique glimpses of British wildlife and the natural world.

4. What were some of the winning photographs?
Some of the winning photographs included a pheasant in Wales, a Roe deer in English woods, a coot taking flight in Surrey, a silhouette of a red squirrel, a rock pool with seaweed, and Badbury Clump surrounded by beech trees and bluebells.

5. What categories were there in the competition?
There were categories such as “11 and Under,” “12-14 years,” “Black & White,” “Botanical Britain,” “Wild Woods,” and “Hidden Britain.”


– Biodiversity: The variety of life forms in a particular habitat or ecosystem.
– Pheasant: A large long-tailed game bird native to Asia that is often hunted.
– Roe deer: A small deer species found in Europe and Asia.
– Coot: A small waterbird with black feathers and a white beak.
– Silhouette: A dark shape or outline of something against a lighter background.
– Seaweed: Large algae plants that grow in the sea.
– Botanical: Relating to plants and plant life.
– Ecosystem: A community of living organisms and their physical environment.

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