Explore the Power of Reading with Therapy Dogs

Reading is not only a fundamental skill but also a gateway to imagination and knowledge. Jefferson-Madison Regional Library is harnessing the power of therapy dogs to create a unique and welcoming environment for readers of all ages.

At Northside Library, children and teens have the opportunity to participate in “Paws to Read with Daisy.” This program allows new readers to improve their skills by reading aloud to Daisy, a licensed therapy dog. Whether they bring their own book or choose one from the library, Daisy will listen attentively, providing a comforting presence as they practice. But it doesn’t stop there! Daisy is also available to lend an ear to those who want to refine their oral presentations or work on foreign language lessons.

Similarly, Crozet Library offers its own rendition of “Paws to Read” with Hank, a registered therapy dog. Through one-on-one sessions, children and teens can develop their reading confidence in a relaxed setting. Hank’s gentle and patient nature creates a safe space for young readers to open up and immerse themselves in the joy of storytelling.

Additionally, the library is hosting a Teen Volunteer Event at Crozet Library, inviting young individuals aged 13 to 18 to give back to their community. By donating just two hours of their time, these dedicated volunteers can make a difference in the lives of fellow library-goers.

These programs not only foster a love for reading but also create a supportive atmosphere where individuals of all skill levels can flourish. The positive impact of therapy dogs on educational settings is increasingly recognized, and these initiatives highlight their ability to inspire and motivate young learners.

So, if you or someone you know is seeking an opportunity to enhance reading skills or give back to the community, don’t miss out on these wonderful events at Jefferson-Madison Regional Library. Embrace the power of reading and the invaluable companionship of therapy dogs. Let the pages come alive and the stories thrive!

FAQ: Therapy Dogs at Jefferson-Madison Regional Library

1. What is the purpose of the “Paws to Read” program at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library?
The “Paws to Read” program offers readers of all ages the opportunity to improve their reading skills and gain confidence by reading aloud to therapy dogs.

2. How does the program work?
Children and teens can participate in one-on-one sessions with a therapy dog, either Daisy or Hank, at either Northside Library or Crozet Library. They can bring their own books or choose one from the library, and read aloud to the therapy dog.

3. What is the benefit of reading to therapy dogs?
Reading to therapy dogs provides a non-judgmental and supportive environment for readers to practice. The therapy dogs, like Daisy and Hank, create a comfortable and safe space for young readers to build their skills and enjoy the experience of storytelling.

4. Are therapy dogs only available for reading practice?
No, the therapy dogs are also available to listen to oral presentations or help with foreign language lessons. They provide a calming and attentive presence for individuals who want to improve their speaking skills.

5. Are there opportunities for teenagers to get involved?
Yes, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library is hosting a Teen Volunteer Event at Crozet Library. Teenagers aged 13 to 18 are invited to donate their time and make a difference in the lives of fellow library-goers.

6. How do therapy dogs benefit educational settings?
Therapy dogs have a positive impact on educational settings by inspiring and motivating young learners. Their presence creates a supportive atmosphere where individuals of all skill levels can thrive.

– Therapy dogs: Dogs that are trained to provide comfort, support, and companionship to individuals in various settings, including educational environments.
– Rendition: A version or interpretation of something.
– Immersed: Fully engaged or absorbed in something.

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