Horsing Around

Amazed and honoured to have my photo “Horsing around” selected as the Jury Prize Winner in the 2017 Otago Wildlife Photography Competition.

I took this image when I was photographing in Central Otago with my friend.  We were driving along and saw some amazing light in a field with two beautiful horses in the distance.  Of course when we stopped and walked up to the fence they didn’t stay off in the distance where we thought they’d make a great image, they came right up to us to see what we were doing.

With them being so close to the fence I tried to get down low and shoot up so that the fence wasn’t included.  The sky was rather dramatic which helped a lot.  After a while I was happy with the shots that I’d taken so I went to step away.  I turned around to step down the little bank that we were standing on, and at that moment one of the horses decided he hadn’t finished having his photo taken and bit me on my arm!  I’ve never had such a sore arm before!  It started like a red mark but after a day or so was a massive purple and black bruise 😦

I decided then that I wouldn’t ever go near a horse again!  However, after the bruise has gone and now with this lovely award, my feelings have softened towards the horses 😉

Exhibition is on at the Otago Museum until 23rd July.

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Autumn Print Exhibition

Last week was the first of our club’s seasonal exhibitions of the year – the Autumn Print Exhibition. Members are able to enter up to 6 prints in the Open section, and 6 in the Natural History section and the prints are selected to appear in the exhibition on the final meeting in April.  I entered 6 prints in the Open section and was lucky enough to come away with 4 acceptances, 1 honours, and the Champion print award.  A lucky night!

First light beach dashThe Carriers Waipapa Point LighthouseA shared glance

In a rush
Evening Rush

Nikon D-Photo Amateur Travel Photographer of the Year 2013

There has been a notable lack of posts here for a few months as I am currently travelling in the UK.  Of course I have my camera and laptop with me and planned to post lots of photos along the way 🙂 As if!  I have been too busy seeing the sights rather than sitting in front of the computer.  Anyway, I will be home soon (the time has flown!) and I will have lots of photos to share from my travels.

In the mean time I thought I would share some success… I have been selected as the Nikon D-Photo Amateur Travel Photographer of the Year 2013.  My image below from Toko Mouth, south of Dunedin, NZ, was awarded first place.  There were some amazing photos entered in all the categories, including travel, and so it’s a great honour to have won.  You can find more details about the winners on the D-Photo website.


Exhibition – 43rd Dunedin Festival of Photography

I had five photos accepted and they are currently on exhibition in the 43rd Dunedin Festival of Photography at the Dunedin Railway station.  I went along yesterday to have a look and there are some great photos on display.  My favourite would have to be the Open Champion print by Glenn Symon – Archways.  I’ve posted my accepted images below and here’s the link to the ODT gallery of the honours images.

If you’re in Dunedin and looking for something to do, the festival exhibition is on in the Otago Art Society’s rooms, on the first floor of the Dunedin Railway Station until January 20th. Hours are 10am to 4pm daily.


Last night was our club Summer Slide Exhibition.  Members can enter up to 6 digital images in each of the Open and Nature sections to be judged and selected for exhibition.  This year’s Summer Slide Exhibition was judged by Barry Smith from Christchurch and he was at the club last night to deliver his critique of the accepted images in person, which was great.

I have not really got into Nature photography, so I entered 6 in the Open section and was pleased to have three acceptances and one Honours.  It was great to get feedback from Barry and others in the club after the exhibition.  My images are above, and I’ll post a link to the full exhibition once it’s available online.