Photography manifesto

As part of our final assignment we had to put together a manifesto to articulate what photography is to us.  It needn’t be too serious and could be a series of points, but should be a tool for shaping the way we think about our own practice This was a bit of a challenge and in the end I came up with 9 items that I consider to be important to the way I photograph. Of course I don’t know the results yet, but you would hope that with something as personal as this that there isn’t really a right or wrong answer 🙂

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Melanie’s Photography Manifesto

  1. The camera is a tool. It’s your vision that makes the photo.
  2. Photoshop can help, but nothing can beat a good photo taken in camera.
  3. Some photos you can plan for, some just happen. Be prepared.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Step outside your comfort zone.
  5. Be inspired by others, but continue working to develop your own style.
  6. Look for the extraordinary amongst the ordinary.
  7. Remember to look both ways. The interesting stuff isn’t always in front of you.
  8. The more you practice, the more your photos will improve.
  9. Photography is fun. Remember that always.

6 thoughts on “Photography manifesto

  1. A+ from me!!! I love every one of your photos but if forced would snooze the wall art shot. Hope your professor is smart enough to grade you equally well!

  2. These are really cool. I like these photos in colour too (some that I’ve only seen in black and white). Did you send it in like this?? Great manifesto.

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