Five on 5

There are many photographic projects on the Internet that encourage people to get out with their cameras and get snapping – the 365 project is a great example, encouraging people to document a year of their life by taking a photo every day.  However, I’m not that disciplined.

I’ve tried doing the 365 project in the past, but it only lasted a few months.  Recently I read about Ten on Ten; the idea here being to take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month.  This seemed more like me, but even that seemed it might be a bit hard to keep up.

My solution, Five on 5!  On the 5th of every month I will make a grand effort to get out and take 5 photos to share.  It’s easy to get caught up in work, family and life in general, so I hope that this will be a nice way to set aside some time each month to get out with the camera and see what I can see.

As it was the 5th today, I started with a walk around the local cemetery.  It was a miserable morning, but the dark clouds shifted and it was nice and peaceful wandering through the cemetery – the sound of waves crashing on one side, with the wind rustling through the trees on the other.  Below are my 5 images for the first of my Five on 5.

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