Orton Effect

Chinese Gardens, Dunedin, New Zealand

I came across a post today from the Digital Photography school about the Orton Effect and had to try it out for myself. 

The Orton Effect was developed by Michael Orton in the days of film, but it is an effect that is still replicated in digital photography today.  “This technique originated years ago with my efforts to imitate watercolor paintings by simply placing the images out of focus and if you have seen pen and ink and watercolor combinations, you will understand where the inspiration to add detail comes from.  The original technique involved sandwiching two or three transparencies of the same composition together. One slide contains the detail component, in focus and overexposed, the second and /or the third is the color component, and is out of focus and overexposed.” {Source: Michael Orton}  As a fan of watercolour paintings myself, I love the wonderful dream-like effect this gives to the photos and I think it works quite nicely here on this recent photo from a visit to the local Chinese Gardens.

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