Watching the sun go down

I was procrastinating this evening and happened to look out the window and see the beautiful colours as the sun was setting. Work could wait, so I grabbed the camera and headed up the road a bit to catch a couple of shots.

Summer Travels

This Christmas/New Year I’ve been able to get away for a few short road trips around the Otago area which has been great.  As usual I’ve had my eye out for nice landscape photo opportunities, but I’ve also been admiring the lovely old buildings that we have in the area.  It seems that buildings and houses are often being knocked down to make way for new buildings or facilities, so it’s really nice when you come across these old buildings.

Five on 5 – January

It was a stunning summer day here in Dunedin today, so what better to do than head to the beach… along with everyone else!  St Clair was packed and parking was at a premium, but I managed to find a spot and hit the sand with my camera.  I’m still getting to grips with my new K5, but am loving it.  Here’s my 5 favourite photos from today’s outing.

St Clair Swim between the flags Summer gossip Surf's up Lifesavers