Welcome to 2014!

What a great way to start the new year – I’m just back from a few days away camping and photographing with a few friends.  The weather has been a bit rough and unpredictable so we had to change our planned destination, but we made the right choice and had pretty good weather for both camping (a bit of rain one night and a bit too windy, but not cold) and photography (lots of changing dramatic skies).

We camped at the DOC camping ground at the Homestead campsite in the Oteake Conservation Park – near the Manuherikia river with great views of the Hawkdun Range.  A basic campsite, but with toilets and water on tap so not too bad.


We travelled around the area looking for things to photograph. There’s certainly no shortage of subjects – lots of old huts, huge mountain ranges, and vast dramatic skies.  I tried out the interval shooting feature of my camera to capture a couple of time-lapses of the clouds moving over the Hawkduns in front of our campsite.  It’s amazing how much they were moving when you see the time-lapse – when we were watching them it seemed like they were hardly moving at all.  I’ve combined the time-lapses with a couple of other photos from the trip. I’m sure there will be more to come once I’ve gone through them all.