Face Masks

This page is for friends and family only. I am happy to be able to help out and make masks for any family and friends who need them 🙂

I am making the Panel Style mask from Twig + Tale https://www.twigandtale.com/ I am using 3 layers – 2 are cotton and the inner layer is a breathable PVC layer. The ear elastic has a bead on it to make it adjustable.

The masks do not have any wire in them. If you have your own nose wire and would like a channel added to the mask, please let me know.

Below you’ll find the current fabrics that I have for making masks, and the size guide. Please let me know which fabrics you would prefer and what size masks you need.

**Fabrics were not ironed before photographing, so please ignore creases. Some of the colours are hard to photograph, but should give you a general idea**

I’m wearing M, Rebecca XS, and Grant L

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