Community Spirit

I haven’t posted here for a while – using Instagram and Facebook mostly these day, but thought I’d share these photos here for others that might enjoy them 🙂

If you’ve looked at my Instagram feed before you will have seen I have a fascination with things in people’s windows. I always wonder why do they put the things there? Is it just an extra surface on which to stash something? Is the item there to be admired from the inside? Or the outside? What sort of things need to be put in a window? #whatsinthewindow?⁠⠀
Well now that we are in lockdown in NZ because of COVID-19, there is a great reason for things to be in people’s windows. Some wonderful person started the NZ bear hunt (find them on FB @NZbearhunt) where throughout NZ people are popping a teddy bear (or two) in their window so that the kids can search from them during their walks around the neighbourhood.⁠⠀
I took a walk this afternoon with my camera (minus my child 😉) and found it such a wonderful experience. Neighbours waving from windows as I motioned to request a photo of their bear; a man who asked me out his garage window to wait because he was about to add another giant bear; and an older lady who told me she had no kids at home anymore so no teddy bears, but she’d put some little frogs in her window instead.⁠⠀
I hope these give you a smile and a warm feeling, like they did me today.⁠

R with her bears

24HourProject 2017

Yesterday I took part in the @24HourProject with a group of friends from the Dunedin Photographic Society.  The 24HourProject gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in real time as they document the human condition of their city. Photographers share one photo per hour during twenty-four hours.

This year’s edition of the 24HourProject is supporting Lesvos Solidarity, a refugee camp run by volunteers providing shelter and hospitality for those in need.

Photos were shared each hour from around the world on social media.  My photos from the (almost) 24 hours are below and on Instagram.  You can see the photos from my friends on Instagram as well: @nicpye, @davidsteernz, @craigmckenzienz; and from the rest of the world: @24HourProject.


London Streets eBookLife has been somewhat busy lately and while I’ve been taking lots of photos, this blog has been a bit neglected. Anyway, I thought now was a good time to get a post up about my latest thing… making eBooks for sale on Blurb.

I’ve made a couple of print books and have been very pleased with the way they have turned out. However, I find myself reading more and more books and magazines on my iPad these days, so thought why not try making an eBook.  I have made two so far: “London Streets”, and “Dunedin: the land, architecture, and people”

They are really fun to make – I love putting all the photos together and working out which ones fit together best, and it’s great to see the final result.  It’s just a shame that they are only available for the iPhone/iPad at the moment through the Blurb store.

Evening Rush

Evening Rush by mjm_nz
Evening Rush, a photo by mjm_nz on Flickr.

This print, and three others of mine, are currently on display in the Dunedin Community Art Gallery as part of 44th Dunedin Festival of Photography Exhibition

The exhibition is free and is open this week 10-4pm, closing at 2pm on Sunday.  I’ll be on the desk Wed 4-6pm and Friday 10-12noon if you want to come and say hi 🙂