Photographic Honours (LPSNZ)

Very proud to receive my Photographic Society of NZ Licentiate (LPSNZ) honours in Auckland recently. You have to present a set of 10 images that represent a diverse body of work. I presented mine as a set of prints and it was great to be able to see them on display at the exhibition.
Thanks have to go to all my friends at the Dunedin Photographic Society.  Since joining, I think my photography has really improved through the great trips and experiences we have, and by learning from the wonderful photographers who are part of the Society.

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24HourProject 2017

Yesterday I took part in the @24HourProject with a group of friends from the Dunedin Photographic Society.  The 24HourProject gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in real time as they document the human condition of their city. Photographers share one photo per hour during twenty-four hours.

This year’s edition of the 24HourProject is supporting Lesvos Solidarity, a refugee camp run by volunteers providing shelter and hospitality for those in need.

Photos were shared each hour from around the world on social media.  My photos from the (almost) 24 hours are below and on Instagram.  You can see the photos from my friends on Instagram as well: @nicpye, @davidsteernz, @craigmckenzienz; and from the rest of the world: @24HourProject.

Horsing Around

Amazed and honoured to have my photo “Horsing around” selected as the Jury Prize Winner in the 2017 Otago Wildlife Photography Competition.

I took this image when I was photographing in Central Otago with my friend.  We were driving along and saw some amazing light in a field with two beautiful horses in the distance.  Of course when we stopped and walked up to the fence they didn’t stay off in the distance where we thought they’d make a great image, they came right up to us to see what we were doing.

With them being so close to the fence I tried to get down low and shoot up so that the fence wasn’t included.  The sky was rather dramatic which helped a lot.  After a while I was happy with the shots that I’d taken so I went to step away.  I turned around to step down the little bank that we were standing on, and at that moment one of the horses decided he hadn’t finished having his photo taken and bit me on my arm!  I’ve never had such a sore arm before!  It started like a red mark but after a day or so was a massive purple and black bruise 😦

I decided then that I wouldn’t ever go near a horse again!  However, after the bruise has gone and now with this lovely award, my feelings have softened towards the horses 😉

Exhibition is on at the Otago Museum until 23rd July.

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Celebrating 125 years

I’ve been working with a few others for the last few months on getting things ready for the 125th anniversary of the Dunedin Photographic Society.  It’s very cool to be part of something that has been around for so long.

The Society started in March 1890 when a small group of enthusiastic photographers got together with the intention of encouraging amateur pictorial photography.  Today, 125 years later, the group is larger and more diverse, but the intent of fostering enthusiastic photographers continues.

As part of the anniversary weekend we organised an exhibition.  It includes a selection of old photos from the Hocken Library and a selection of mini exhibitions from current members.  It was quite hard to chose what to exhibit in my mini collection, but in the end I went with 4 “street” photos.

We also organised a official opening of the exhibition for members, a dinner and a photowalk.  The photowalk included a visit to the old Dunedin Prison (wouldn’t like to have been stuck in there!) and a wander around the Vogel St area.

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Privateering Light

Well that was fun!  We had a great turnout for the Privateering Light closing event yesterday.  This was a photography exhibition that I helped organise as part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival.

Privateering Light came about from a Facebook post that showed the inspirational work of Joe and Tim from the and their successful “Paper Pirates” photography exhibition. This is a guerilla photography exhibition encouraging participants to: Shoot. Print. Send. Steal. Lead by Warren Millar, a group of Southland Institute of Technology Diploma in Digital Photographystudents thought “we can do that too!” and Privateering Light was born.

As students studying by correspondence, we don’t get to meet other students, nor do a lot of students have an outlet to showcase their work. Privateering Light provides these opportunities and also a chance to interact with other photography enthusiasts.

The 2015 Privateering Light Exhibition was open to everyone with an interest in photography and this year we ended up with photos by 38 photographers from all around New Zealand. The exhibition was on display in the Fringe HQ during the Festival, and we got lots of positive feedback about the images.  We held a closing event when all present got to steal the show and take their favourite photo off the wall and keep it. Lots of fun – I hope we can do it again.

Oamaru Victorian Fete 2013

Oamaru Victorian Fete 2013 by mjm_nz
Oamaru Victorian Fete 2013, a photo by mjm_nz on Flickr.

Had a great day out in Oamaru at the Victorian Fete I went with a few people from our photographic society and there were plenty of cool things to experience and photograph.

This image has been created by selectively layering multiple images from a time lapse to get a scene with the people all dressed up for the occasion.

Evening Rush

Evening Rush by mjm_nz
Evening Rush, a photo by mjm_nz on Flickr.

This print, and three others of mine, are currently on display in the Dunedin Community Art Gallery as part of 44th Dunedin Festival of Photography Exhibition

The exhibition is free and is open this week 10-4pm, closing at 2pm on Sunday.  I’ll be on the desk Wed 4-6pm and Friday 10-12noon if you want to come and say hi 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Up, and ANZAC Day

It’s been a while!  I’ve missed quite a few weekly photo challenges and even one of my Five on 5 monthly challenges, but I’m back and hoping to get back into regularly taking and sharing my photos.

This week’s photo for the weekly photo challenge of Up, comes from looking up at the lovely autumn trees at the Dunedin Cenotaph.  Today is ANZAC Day here in New Zealand, and also in Australia.  It’s a day when we acknowledge the sacrifice of all those who gave their lives at war, and the contribution of all who have served and are serving our country.  Services are held across the country and attended by many.  I attended one at the soldiers grave in the nearby cemetery in the morning and one at Otago University in the afternoon.  It’s a good day to remember those family members who I never met, but went off to war from our small country in the belief of the greater good.

At the University service Atatürk’s tribute was read, first in Turkish and then in English.  This is a tribute that Atatürk wrote for the ANZACs killed at Gallipoli and is written on a memorial at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli (and on other memorials in NZ and Australia).  Hearing this tribute read, made me think of the wonderful trip to Turkey and Gallipoli I made with my brother a few years ago.  It was a sobering place to visit, but a trip that I would thoroughly recommend.

Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives… You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side now here in this country of ours… you, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land. They have become our sons as well.

So today I post some photos from ANZAC Day in Dunedin along with my weekly challenge photo.


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This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Up.  Follow the link to find more images inspired by the theme Up.