Nikon D-Photo Amateur Travel Photographer of the Year 2013

There has been a notable lack of posts here for a few months as I am currently travelling in the UK.  Of course I have my camera and laptop with me and planned to post lots of photos along the way 🙂 As if!  I have been too busy seeing the sights rather than sitting in front of the computer.  Anyway, I will be home soon (the time has flown!) and I will have lots of photos to share from my travels.

In the mean time I thought I would share some success… I have been selected as the Nikon D-Photo Amateur Travel Photographer of the Year 2013.  My image below from Toko Mouth, south of Dunedin, NZ, was awarded first place.  There were some amazing photos entered in all the categories, including travel, and so it’s a great honour to have won.  You can find more details about the winners on the D-Photo website.