About Me

Thanks for visiting my webpage!  I hope you have found something of interest 😀  If you’re looking for a few more details about me, here goes…

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, and grew up there for a few years before moving to Wellington, and then to Timaru.  I left Timaru for a year of university at Canterbury Uni in Christchurch before moving to Dunedin.  I started studying Information Science at the University of Otago and eventually finished with a BSc(Hons), Masters and PhD in Information Science – may as well collect the set!

After working at the University of Otago for a few years I left and started a business with my friend called Tech Teach.  I now own and operate the business myself.  We provide training and education for people wanting to get the most from their smart devices.

I also work as a computer training consultant for Simply Training, a freelance photographer, and as a facilitator for the SIT Diploma of Digital Photography.  They say variety is the spice of life!

Photography is one of my main passions.  I love getting out with my camera and photographing whatever I can.  I am heavily involved in my local camera club – the Dunedin Photographic Society, and am a member of the Photographic Society of New Zealand.  In 2014 I completed my Diploma in Digital Photography – some of my diploma work is linked here.

When I’m not working or taking photos I like to sew.  I haven’t really ventured into making clothing yet, sticking mainly into baby toys and gifts, handbags and wallets and other small items.  I belong to the Variety Handcrafts Co-op and we have a shop in town which is a great outlet for my creations.